Upgrade your next trip

We’ve partnered with Seatfrog so you can bid on last-minute First Class seats seamlessly from your phone.

If you’ve booked a Standard Class ticket, you can use the free Seatfrog app to bid for an upgrade. Auctions open 24hrs before departure; simply place your bid then sit back and watch out for Seatfrog notifications to see if you’re a winner. It’s totally free to take part and you only pay if you win.

Once you’re onboard, take your seat in First Class where your Conductor will check your First Class barcode on the Seatfrog app, along with your original Standard Class ticket.


1. Download the app

Download the free Seatfrog app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

2. Start bidding

Add your Standard Class trip to Seatfrog to start bidding. Auctions open 24hrs before departure.

3. Upgrade in seconds

If you win, your upgrade is sent straight to your phone. You’ll know if you’ve won 30 mins before departure.

First Class: A Little Extra Luxury
  • Relax in your comfy reclining seat
  • Stay connected with free Wi-Fi
  • Stretch out with generous legroom and large tables
  • Power sockets and USB points at every seat
  • Complimentary onboard entertainment on Exstream

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First Class

Treat yourself to a little extra luxury and choose First Class for your next journey.