Automated Delay Repay

Claim-free compensation has arrived

Automated Delay Repay (ADR) is how you can receive Delay Repay compensation if your train is delayed by half an hour or more (15 minutes or more from February 2nd 2020).

Those that purchase TransPennine Express Advance Purchase tickets via our website or the TPExpress app can now receive compensation at the click of a button. To do this you, will first need to sign up for My Account. Please note the email address for My Account & Delay Repay need to match. 

If you already have My Account, please ensure you’re using the same email address for Delay Repay.

How does Automated Delay Repay (ADR) work?

If you have an Advance Purchase ticket, the system will generate a claim for you if there is a delay of 30 minutes or more (15 minutes or more from February 2nd 2020) on the train you were booked to travel on.

To be eligible for ADR, you'll need to have bought your TransPennine Express Advance ticket at or via the TPExpress app.

How do I opt in to ADR?

You can opt in to ADR in two simple steps: 

1. Create an account at

2. Opt in to Automated Delay Repay emails

Our system will then identify when your train is 30 minutes late or more (15 minutes late or more from February 2nd 2020) and create a claim on your behalf. 


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