Passenger's Charter

Understanding your travel needs and delivering great service

Our promise to customers

We have developed a Passenger's Charter so you know exactly what you can expect from us. It includes our customer promise and ways we're committed to providing you a safe, punctual and reliable journey, as well as treating all our customers in a fair and courteous way throughout.

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Measuring performance

We work closely with Transport Focus, which represents the interest of passengers, and get them involved whenever we’re introducing new customer information products and timetable changes.

We then measure customer satisfaction and service performance to find out how we’re getting on. Read all about it in our latest Customer Report

Customer satisfaction

Transport Focus carries out customer research twice a year through the National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS). Our Spring 2020 results are:

NRPS Spring 2020 results

Talking to you when things go wrong

You’ve told us that information during disruption is really important, and this is an area we’re continually looking to improve.

Alongside other rail companies, National Rail Enquiries and Transport Focus, our information during disruption meet approved codes of practice and we have our own delivery statement too.

There are other ways you can get information about our services when you’re on the go:

Information pledges
Helping you plan your journey
It's all about people
What you can expect when travelling with us
When things go wrong
We'll give you a helping hand, by...
Sharing our tips
Unpaid Fares Notice

Pay unpaid fares online and see weekly appeals

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Performance transparency

Check out our latest punctuality and reliability figures 

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Revenue protection policy

Our new common sense approach to tickets.

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