Consultation on proposed changes to Liverpool / Manchester to/from Hull / Scarborough train services

Changes proposed at the December 2022 timetable change

Train timetables are continually kept under review, with any changes implemented through the Summer and Winter timetable change periods during May and December each year respectively. These timetable change periods allow operators to introduce services, make changes to reflect changed demand and, where possible, realise stakeholder aspirations.

We wish to consult on proposed changes to our services on the core Liverpool/Manchester to/from Hull/Scarborough routes which, subject to railway timetable development processes, could be implemented at the timetable change in December 2022.

These proposed changes have been developed through discussion with local authorities and Combined Authorities on the line of route, Transport for the North, Rail North Partnership and the Department for Transport. The feedback of these organisations has helped shaped the proposals being put forward.

Currently, TransPennine Express operates services between Liverpool Lime Street - Scarborough and between Manchester Piccadilly – Hull.

At the December 2022 we propose swapping these destinations, including most of the calls made, to operate services between Liverpool Lime Street – Hull and between Manchester Piccadilly – Scarborough. The services would operate as follows:
  • Hull – Liverpool Lime Street:
    • Calling at Brough, Selby, Leeds, Huddersfield, Stalybridge, Manchester Victoria, Lea Green and Liverpool Lime Street
    • The principal station called at in Manchester changes from Piccadilly to Victoria
    • This direct service will reduce the journey time from Hull to Liverpool by 25 minutes, compared with the similar journey today which has a change of trains at Huddersfield
  • Scarborough – Manchester Piccadilly:
    • Calling at Seamer, Malton, York, Garforth, Leeds, Huddersfield, Stalybridge and Manchester Piccadilly
    • Additional calls at Slaithwaite, Marsden, Greenfield and Mossley will be made during the AM and PM peaks only as per the current calls in the Hull to/from Manchester Piccadilly service
    • This service would also call at Haxby once that station has opened.
    • The principal station called at in Manchester changes from Victoria to Piccadilly
An indicative outline of a standard hourly calling pattern for the above services is on the next page.

We are also working hard to develop for and introduce by the May 2023 timetable change a limited number of additional seasonal services operated by TransPennine Express between York - Scarborough on selected hours and days for the tourism sector.

These trains would call additionally at Malton and Seamer, as well as Haxby once that station has opened. This would see during selected hours two trains per hour operate between York – Scarborough.

We are interested in views on the days and hours such trains could operate, if this is possible to implement, at the May 2023 timetable change.

Indicative hourly calling pattern

The proposed December 2022 timetable is currently in development. Below is an indicative outline of the proposed standard hourly (all day) operation timetable for the services between Hull to/from Liverpool Lime Street and Scarborough to/from Manchester Piccadilly.

Location Arr Dep
Hull 11:03
Brough 11:14 11:15
Selby 11:34 11:35
Leeds 11:57 12:00
Huddersfield 12:16 12:18
Stalybridge 12:36 12:37
Manchester Victoria 12:50 12:54
Lea Green 13:15 13:17
Liverpool Lime Street 13:32
Location Arr Dep
Liverpool Lime Street 08:54
Lea Green 09:05 09:06
Manchester Victoria 09:28 09:30
Stalybridge 09:40 09:41
Huddersfield 09:58 10:01
Leeds 10:20 10:27
Selby 10:48 10:49
Brough 11:07 11:08
Hull 11:21
Location Arr Dep
Scarborough 11:44
Seamer 11:48 11:49
Malton 12:07 12:09
York 12:33 12:40
Garforth 12:55 12:56
Leeds 13:03 13:07
Huddersfield 13:23 13:54
Stalybridge 13:53 13:54
Manchester Picadilly 14:09
Location Arr Dep
Manchester Picadilly 11:30
Stalybridge 11:44 11:45
Huddersfield 12:10 12:12
Leeds 12:31 12:35
Garforth 12:43 12:44
York 13:00 13:04
Malton 13:21 13:29
Seamer 14:15 14:16
Scarborough 14:52
For calls at Slaithwaite, Marsden, Greenfield and Mossley it is proposed that the current service pattern of two trains per hour in peak periods and one train per hour off peak is maintained in the Scarborough to/from Manchester Piccadilly service at December 2022. In other words, not adding local calls at stations between Huddersfield and Manchester during the off-peak that were over and above the December 2019 timetable. This is to manage capacity, protect performance and maintain the journey time of the current Hull to/from Manchester Piccadilly service and future Scarborough to/from Manchester Piccadilly service.

We are interested in views on the proposed standard calling pattern and calls made. How you can provide this feedback is outlined on the next page.

How to give feedback

We invite you to provide a response to the proposed changes to services operated between Liverpool and Manchester to/from Hull and Scarborough.
Please submit your response by:
  • E-mail to:
  • Post to:
    • Graham Meiklejohn, Head of Regional Development, TransPennine Express, 7th Floor, Bridgewater House, 60 Whitworth Street, Manchester, M1 6LT
The closing date for all consultation responses to be received by is 2359 on Friday 14 January 2022 and if you would like a meeting to discuss these timetable proposals, please use the contact details above.

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